Monte Grappa

The Giro’s previuous visit to Monte Grappa – an ITT climbing the road from Semonzo, with a familiar frame in pink…

Look out for some premium local club kits.


Fran Ventoso, not even half way up though300514-88

The gentlemen on the left are handling out free soup300514-89300514-92300514-93Malori – sad not to see him racing anymore300514-96300514-100300514-107300514-111300514-112Nathan Hass300514-114300514-115Rick Flens in blur300514-119Oss300514-122300514-130300514-139300514-141300514-144300514-146300514-150300514-153300514-154300514-156300514-159300514-160300514-174300514-175300514-180300514-182300514-210300514-215300514-213300514-216300514-220300514-218300514-224Roche300514-227300514-228Wout Poels, for Omega-Pharma Quickstep, on a very short section of descent.300514-233Cunego300514-237Pellizotti300514-241Remember Rabottini? This is his last act as a pro-cyclist. Suspension is hours away.300514-249Geniez300514-253


Majka’s calves300514-277Aru smashing it300514-278300514-281

Pierre Rolland was running in 3rd place, but about to drop below Aru300514-282300514-283300514-287

Everyone hoping for an Aru win, but Quintana takes the stage. Aru moves onto the podium.300514-291300514-292300514-295300514-298300514-299


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