Monte Grappa

It’s three years since the Giro’s last visit to Monte Grappa – an ITT climbing the road from Semonzo. So not the route the 100th Giro will ascend or descend, but a familiar frame was in pink…

As you scroll through these, look out for some truly astounding local club kits.

The lower you scroll, the higher we climb.


Fran Ventoso, not even half way up though300514-88

The gentlemen on the left are handling out a delicious free soup300514-89300514-92300514-93Malori – it would be great to see him back at this level300514-96300514-100300514-107300514-111300514-112Nathan Hass300514-114300514-115Rick Flens passes a line of locals300514-119Oss300514-122300514-130300514-139300514-141300514-144300514-146300514-150300514-153300514-154300514-155300514-156300514-159300514-160300514-164300514-174300514-175300514-180300514-182300514-210300514-215300514-213300514-216300514-220300514-218300514-224300514-226Roche300514-227300514-228Wout Poels, for Omega-Pharma Quickstep, on a very short section of descent.300514-233Cunego300514-237Pellizotti300514-241Remember Rabottini? This is his last act as a pro-cyclist. Suspension is hours away.300514-249Geniez300514-253300514-256300514-259300514-261300514-263300514-268300514-269300514-270300514-273300514-274

Majka’s calves300514-277Aru smashing it300514-278300514-281

Pierre Rolland was running in 3rd place, but about to drop below Aru300514-282300514-283300514-287

Back down the mountain, fans nervously watch the finale on easy TV they can get close to. Evryone is hoping for an Aru, but Quintana takes the stage. Aru moves onto the podium.300514-291300514-292300514-295300514-298300514-299


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